Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants

Convenience for customers. Productivity for employees.
Higher revenue for owners.

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Why Online Food Checkout?

Higher Revenue

After joining OFC, restaurants typically increase their takeout and delivery order volume by 20%.

Improve Restaurant Operations

Restaurants who join OFC see an improvement in kitchen efficiency and order accuracy.

Acquire New customers

Acquire new customers through OFC's marketing efforts and website Search Engine Optimization.

User Friendly Solution

Easy to use online ordering system keeps customers happy and coming back for more.

How It Works

  1. Your customer places an order through your website on their mobile, tablet, or laptop devices.
  2. The order is automatically processed and sent to you through our Kitchen Display Technology.
  3. Your kitchen staff prepares and packages the food for takeout or delivery

Online Ordering Services

Mobile, Tablet, And Website Online Food Ordering System

Branded online ordering system, built specifically for your restaurant.

Reach more customers than ever before through a custom branded website that is accessible through mobile, tablet, and computer devices. Placing an order is now easier than ever.

Online Food Ordering Software Add-ons

Special business requirements? Custom add-ons are readily available.

Specific order notification needs? We have you covered. Need a real time kitchen display screen? We'll provide it. No internet at the restaurant? No problem, we have a mobile hotspot solution.

Online Food Ordering Software Add-ons

Features And Functionality

Benefits Of Online Order Management System

Give your customers the option to place an order for takeout or delivery and pay with either cash or credit card.

Automatically accept orders and set estimated ready times through the Kitchen Display Screen.

Real time order notifications (text, email, phone, printed order receipts, etc) and reporting/analytics dashboards.

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